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Uncovering Core Aspects For Indian Defence News

September 5, 2017 by Posted in: News And Updates

Indian Defence NewsThe latest observation with the law ministry of India concerning the age of Gen. VK Singh puts their defense ministry in quite an awkward situation. His dob reveal that he should retire by May 31, 2012 and never on May 31, 2013. That is because your age of Gen. VK Singh is in fact May 10, 1950 and never annually after. Gen. VK Singh has 2 dates of birth in his army records but though he’d been commissioned since 1970 in the army, it absolutely was just within the year of 2006 that the military had asked Gen. Singh about his 2 records of birth.

In those days the Army Centre for Police training was located at Faizabad. Later it shifted to Bangalore. I attended the course just as one Air Force Officer also it was a wonderful experience undergoing the course. Faizabad is an element of background a lot of fighting came about throughout the 1857 mutiny. Thus age-old buildings and play grounds have been in existence from that period. The Army was utilizing it as a school to practice officers for provost duties.

Pakistan launched the 1947 Kashmir operation with a view to annex the state to Pakistan. In the fall of 1947 the raiders reached Srinagar airfield also it wasn’t clear perhaps the tribal’s had over run the airfield. The Indian government having received the instrument of accession signed by the Maharajah Hari Singh ordered the Indian military to the valley. One DC 3 with 28 troops from the Sikh regiment flew into Srinagar at a tie m in the event the rebels were nearing the airfield. The battle thus commenced as the Sikh regiment faced the tribal’s led by regular Pakistan Army officers.

The Indian general staff thus abdicated their selection ability and allowed the army to venture to seed. No concerted effort was made in any forceful manner to impress upon the us government the requirement to upgrade the infantry or the armored corps. This had its repercussions and India got a bloody nose from the Chinese within the 1962 India China conflict. This neglect resulted within the Indian soldier facing the well trained and equipped Chinese Army with obsolete.303 bolt action rifles. Worse no winter clothing was available and the army soldier was supposed to fight in snow with conventional clothing. Thus defeat would be a natural corollary. The situation reached its nadir when Gen Thaper a four star general accepted orders from the joint secretary of the Government of India.

Come 1965 and also the second Indo Pak war took place, followed by the 1971 war that led to the vivisection of Pakistan. In the erstwhile state of East Pakistan some 93000 Pakistan soldiers surrendered and Gen Niazi signed the instrument of surrender. In the west the battle was a stalemate and each party took some hundreds of prisoners. The cease fire and exchange of prisoners took place-but the Pakistan army never returned some of the prisoners. Now 4 decades have elapsed and Pakistan still holds some of the Indian soldiers and Airmen of their jails. There have been letters smuggled right out of the jails and the relatives from the missing soldiers are sure that the POW remains to be languishing in Pakistan. General Mushraff the President of Pakistan was approached. An appeal was made to his honor as a soldier. But the official denial continues for can a nation admit it keeps POWs more than 4 decades once the war has ended? The officer corps in the Pakistan Army has a lot of explanation to complete with this act.

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